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Too Faced Natural Eyes palette

Today I decided to use my Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. I was keeping it 'for best' but who the hell knows when 'best' is going to be, given that nobody is going out now? This is the palette that I bought in Sephora in Marbella in August, the one where I felt I had to buy it after I accidentally dropped the display one on the marble floor tiles making everyone in the shop jump out of their skin. They were really nice about it and it didn't break but I couldn't really leave the shop without buying one then, could I? Could I? A-hem ;-)

It's sooo pretty. The case is very sleek and smooth and it's in a box too. There are 9 colours and clearly it's a day to night type palette. It's almost to pretty to use, the shadows have a sweet little pattern imprinted on them which is a nice touch. I've got several Too Faced palettes and I've yet to find one that I don't like and this is no different.

The colours have names such as


I used Heaven as a base, Sexpresso to line my upper and lower eyelids, Cashmere Bunny on the main part of the eyelid and Push-Up in the crease. They've all got a slight shimmer but not too sparkly so perfect for daytime, it doesn't look overdone but no doubt you could get an excellent smoky eye effect as well (I'm not well practiced in smoky eyes, it's on my list of things to perfect!).

There's a lovely photo below of the colours and check out my video (click here) to see it in 'real life'. I'm still getting the hang of making videos even though I've had this YouTube channel for ages.

Anyway, as I predicted the eye shadow stayed on, didn't irritate my eyes and didn't smudge anywhere during the day (win-win). Too Faced are pricey I think and in the UK quite difficult to get your hands on because they aren't readily available. I've bought nearly all mine in America or in Sephora in Spain. You can get them on eBay but you really have to be careful that what you're getting is a genuine item.

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