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The Story

Welcome to my Beauty Aware blog.  This is my corner of the internet where I write beauty and lifestyle posts but mostly muse about lipstick.

My name is Maria. I am a Mum of three school age boys and the co-owner of a bouncy 10 year old Cockerpoo.  I am also the wife of a hard working, rugby loving husband who also happens to be an excellent cook (thank goodness one of us is ...).

Beauty and Me

I have been obsessed with make up since I bought my first blue eyeliner from Avon aged 13 and since then I've worn hundreds of products, some I've loved, some I've liked and some have been complete mistakes.  I've got red wavy hair and pale skin that doesn't tan, thus I have used many, many curly hair and skincare products and I'd love to share them with you.  

This blog is the place where I write about beauty and how I try to feel beautiful inside and out.  I am by no means an expert but I know what has worked for me and that's what I'll try to share.  I'm partial to a bit of mascara and lipstick, a dab of each of these works wonders on me every day.  

The Social Media Stuff

I've got a Facebook page, Pinterest and Instagram that's about it.  I do have Twitter but I'm the most rubbish Tweeter ever.  Links to all my social media bits and bobs are on the home page.  I write colloquially so my posts sound like I'm talking.  I'm capable of 'writing properly' but it would be so boring to read!

Hope you enjoy the blog.

Love, Maria x

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