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Speedy Morning Face - back to school!

So the kids have returned to school ... finally! And we are now getting into a new routine, really new for us because we no longer have any children at primary school, they are all at high school and that means we have to get up earlier to leave the house earlier so they can be dropped off at two different schools before half past eight.

I'll be honest. This has proved a bit of a challenge for me. Firstly, I don't have an en-suite bathroom at the moment because after 10+ years we are finally having it refitted (yay) but it is taking ages (nobody's fault) and subsequently all five of us (or four actually because Child 3 has a teeny toilet and shower cupboard in his room) are attempting to use one bathroom so it's utter chaos, there are wet towels everywhere, not to mention the steam from the shower and there is always someone in there when I want to clean my teeth!

But when I do finally get my shower and get dressed I then sit in front of my mirror at the dressing table and think a) wow you need some work this morning and b) I'm so tired, how am I going to achieve looking remotely presentable in the next fifteen minutes and while being interrupted about PE kits and shoe laces?

The answer my friends, is to get your absolute best old favourites out and stick to those. No fancy eyeliner for me at the moment, I need to know what goes on my face will work regardless of whether there's full concentration going on. So, I thought you might like to see what I've been using, listed below.

I've been using Stila One-Step Correct for a couple of years now. It's my favourite. It's a primer with three colours mixed into it so no matter whether you have redness, or spots or dark circles there is always a colour on hand to 'correct' it. It also sinks into the skin very quickly and leaves a lovely base. I've replaced it many times.

Benefit the Pore Fessional. I don't use this all the time (although I have used it a lot lately - ha) but it is extremely good for blurring over pores and lines that you would rather not be too obvious. It gives a matte effect base so if you wanted to pop a foundation over it you could, and I do this with my No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation (not pictured), the base you get is very natural and takes seconds to put on. Note that with lines though it doesn't 'fill' them just blurs them, which I prefer really.

Literally the easiest eye crayon I have ever used, this is Pixi by Petra Endless Shade Stick in Bronzeblaze. I use it both on my eyelids and as an eyeliner. There are several other colours to choose from, both matte and with a bit of shimmer. I personally prefer the shimmer but that's just me. It goes on so smoothly, you can blend or smudge or leave as a line and it is long lasting. Also fab to pop in your bag for a top up later on in the day if you need to. I've got a couple of these and I've used them a lot this summer, they are very quick and easy to apply and with absolute minimal fuss!

I love this mascara so much that I have a blog post ready to go in my drafts folder, yes it warrants a blog post all to itself! Only recently started using this because my eyes have suddenly become very sensitive but I love the brush because it's curved and when it says "Wake Up & Go" it means it - there is caffeine in the formula which perks your sleepy eyelashes up no end giving the impression that you whipped out of bed fluttering your eyelashes like a Disney Princess! One coat is all it takes, I put two on to really stand out a bit but I am older and I need that kind of help (my eyelashes are short too). Read the blog post about it when it comes out!

I'm very fond of a product that does more than one thing which is why I have been using this Milk Lip and Cheek balm. Milk aren't widely known in the UK I don't think (indeed I discovered them at Sephora in the US in 2019) but you can get them online. There's not a massive range but I particularly like their lipsticks and this product which is a cream blush that you can also use on your lips. There are a few colours to choose from this one is called Werk and is best described as a sort of Rosewood colour. Smells divine too. Gives a lovely natural flush to both cheeks and lips and goes on in seconds. Winner!

And finally ... another recently discovered product, this time from Beauty Pie ( it's a lip liner to rival Charlotte Tilbury's "Pillow Talk", it's called "Rummy Pink" which is neutral and goes on very smoothly and doesn't drag, essential for those of us who have ageing lips and pesky lines! I have been lining with this, then doing a bit of a colour in and finally going over the top with the Milk Cheek and Lip product (above).

So after all that ... voila, I'm ready! (But not quite because I still need to dry my hair but that's another story ...).

Hope you enjoyed the post, don't forget you can subscribe to be notified of new posts or subscribe to the Facebook page as I tend to post the blog links there too. (

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