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Lockdown hair help with Frizz Ease

Yikes, another lockdown with lockdown hair. I had my hair cut in September, missed my November appointment, moved it to the end of December then the Salon moved it to January because they were shutting for the whole of the Christmas period ... and then everything in the UK closed down. So I haven't had a hair cut since 7 September which is about 5 and a half months. And to be honest, it shows. It's not in bad condition but it's too long, the layers need tidying up and my fringe is out of control. Also, because it's wavy and quite thick it's heavy so when it gets too long it's quite hard to manage.

I've got an entire drawer full of various hair products that I call upon daily to assist me with my crazy mane but the ones that have been most helpful these past couple of months have been from John Frieda's Frizz Ease range.

I remember years ago the first Frizz Ease serum, I didn't use it very often because you had to put it on soaking wet hair and then diffuse and I always towel dried mine because I was always in a rush for work. Things have changed though, for a start there is no longer just one Frizz Ease product, there are quite a few including shampoos, conditioners, hair masks etc, and they're all based on the same thing but do slightly different jobs.

This is what I use.

Frizz Ease Leave in Conditioner - £5.99

Exactly what it says in the title, it's a spray leave in conditioner. I was so happy when I found this because the one I used to use from the Aussie range seems to have been discontinued. I love this conditioner because it's light and not greasy and smells lovely. It also enables me to get a comb through my hair, it's a really good de-tangler. It's one of the nicest leave in conditioners I've ever used and it's not massively expensive for what it is.

Frizz Ease Smooth & Sleek - £7.99

Smooth & Sleek is a leave-in cream primer, it flattens the hair shaft and helps flyaway and frizz while you blow dry your hair. I use this almost every day because it keeps my hair really soft and is great if you want to do a curly blow dry with a roller brush or one of those hair dryer brushes. It also protects from heat, a must at the moment because nobody can get to a hairdresser to have our split ends chopped off! I have been using my Dyson straightener to put in a few structured waves and it gets very hot, If you use too much product though, it can make your hair a bit heavy so only use a little bit, comb it through and then add if you need more. Don't put it too near your roots either, because that can make it look greasy - never a good look!

Frizz Ease Curl Cream - £6.99

I tend to use this only when my hair is shorter and more likely to curl, I use a diffuser or if I am on holiday I just put it in my hair and scrunch and let it dry naturally. Some curl creams can give a sort of 'sticky' glued effect once you've dried it, this doesn't, it just looks really natural and it smells good too. It also stays in, the curl stays put all day. Again, you don't need much product, start off with a little bit and add if you think you need more.

I use so much of these that I've got it on repeat from Amazon Subscribe and Save (if you max your savings to 15% it does ultimately make a difference price wise). I have also bought from Boots and the supermarkets sometimes sell it as well. The prices I've put near the titles are taken from the website.

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