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My Top 5 Positive Things About February

For a short month February seemed to be quite long. Not as long as January but long enough. The lighter nights are definitely here though and when I am taking the dog for a walk I can see flowers and Spring hope everywhere. Also, the supermarket have been selling little bunches of daffodils for a £1 for the last month so I have been getting them every time I go, to put on my kitchen windowsill. I love yellow and they have really cheered the place up!

So here's my Top 5 positive things about February.

1. New Blog - The Lipstick Files

Something I've wanted to do for ages is create a blog solely about lipstick. So this month that's what I did, I've called it The Lipstick Files because I wanted it to be a bit like a reference blog with a description, price, where you can buy it, and my opinion as well. I'm also intending to do general lipstick posts, for example, what is the most purchased lipstick of all time, top ten pink lipsticks for summer, that kind of thing. I've really only just started so there are only a few posts on there but if you like lipstick please check it out. You can find it here - The Lipstick Files. There's no Facebook page for it because I'm going to use my Beauty Aware Facebook page but it does have its own Instagram page.

2. The Vaccine

The speed of the rollout of the vaccine has taken my breath away a bit. I know I mentioned it in my January Positives post but it really has been amazing. My Mum and Dad had their first jab on 6 February and they have their next one booked for early May. I feel a lot better knowing they have some degree of protection from Covid and I can't wait to see them. Once we start to be let out at the end of March I will go and see them. Like everyone with their families, it's been a long time.

3. Friday 26 February - Warm

Friday 26 February was a relatively warm day. Now, this is a positive because it feels like a million long years since I felt the warmth of the sun on my face. OK, so when I sat outside I was wearing a coat with a hood and had a blanket over my knees but it was SO enjoyable not to have the wind chill factor bringing the temperature right down and such a change from our very recent snow and ice and minus temperatures. Saturday 27 February was also nice, then unfortunately it has gone down hill since then, we are back to it being very chilly and dull. Ah well, it was nice to have glimpse and it made us all happy. Makes you feel positive about the Spring and Summer to come.

4. Yoga

I have started my at home Yoga again. I've been meaning to do it since January but its only in the last couple of weeks that I rolled my mat out and logged on to the lessons. I am very much a beginner as I only started last July and then had a break from about November to just the other day so I felt like I needed to start from scratch again. I went over the absolute beginners section a few times then moved up a level. It's made such a difference already, I feel my posture is better and my knees definitely feel less achey. My main problem has been motivating myself to do it in the evenings when I am tired but because the classes are only 25 or 30 minutes it's easy to just get on with it. I have been trying to do it just after the kids finish school at 3.30 or 4pm so I can get it done before I do their tea so because I know after tea and a dog walk I'll be much less motivated to get moving!

5. Lighter Nights

I have to be honest I struggled a bit to find a fifth positive because it's Groundhog Day for us all at the moment so nothing new is happening. But then I remembered some of the things that have given me a bit of hope recently and one of those things is the lighter nights. I am a serious hater of dark evenings, that's why Winter is not my favourite time, it just makes me want to eat a lot and hibernate. The lighter nights have been a huge positive for me because I've been able to do my evening dog walk in the light which means we can go a bit further, to the park which he loves. It's very poorly lit at night and it makes me uncomfortable going there in the dark so we just stick to a 'round the block' walk at night but I prefer to walk further to get more fresh air and he loves it too. It's now only a few weeks until the clocks go forward (end of March) - roll on the Spring!

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