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Summer Scent - Avon Tahitian Holiday

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

As we slide into the Autumn this is a post about a summer scent which has been around for as long as I can remember having Avon in my life. For me is it is the smell of Summer, and being a Summer girl that suits me very well!

I'm talking about Avon Tahitian Holiday. It comes in a body mist and a 50ml EDT spray, I've got both, the body mist gives a lovely light fragrance but you do need to top up throughout the day, the EDT is more of a perfume, it's stronger and lingers for longer.

The scent reminds me of holidays I think because a) I always used to wear it on holiday and b) because there's a distinct hint of coconut in it which does smell a bit like suncream so it takes your thoughts to every beach holiday you've ever been on. Its official "smell" is of tropical coconut, white blossoms, ginger, monoi oil and Tahitian tiara flower. I can't smell the ginger but it's definitely coconut and flowers. The oil leaves your skin feeling nicely soft.

The EDT is an Avon bestseller (unsurprisingly) and retails at £5 you can check it out on the Avon online store.

Although, we are having a mini-heatwave at the moment I imagine it'll be back to the usual September rain before too long but I'm going to keep wearing my scent of summer for as long as I can!

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