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Welcome to Beauty Basics


Welcome to Beauty Basics. I'm a full time mum to three boys, wife to one, and a crazy Cockerpoo owner (slightly besotted with him to be honest). I love beauty products and anything that makes my inner and outer me feel good. As I've got older I've realised that beauty hang ups are pointless, on the outside make-up or no make-up we are all beautiful and even if we're not who cares. What matters to me is how we feel. So, this blog is really for anyone wanting to relate to someone 'normal' i.e. not an influencer, not a celebrity, not someone who wakes up perfect, not someone who has a flat stomach the entire time (actually, never) ... my posts are meant to be lighthearted and informative and chatty. And, as I'm mid-forties everything is changing, my weight, my skin, my eyesight ...

I decided to start this blog to record my beauty and health journey from mid-forty onwards. I hope some of what I blog about appeals, helps and makes you smile.

Love, Maria x

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