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Too Faced Peach Bloom Lip & Cheek Tint

This Winter has been all about the lip balms and lip oils for me, normally I would be wearing lipstick but there hasn't been a lot of point recently what with the mask wearing outside and the nowhere to go inside, it can seem a bit ridiculous to wear it to the kitchen table for homeschool (although sometimes I have, I admit!).

I have got a bit of a Too Faced obsession at the moment I must admit, having purchased their Salted Caramel (limited edition and no longer available) and Gingerbread Spice mini eye shadow palettes last Autumn. This is the first lip product I've had of theirs though, and what appealed to me most was that it also doubled as a cheek tint too. I just think that's such a great idea to be able to use it for both. (I've got a Milk blush/lip product which I really love and I use it for both my lips and cheeks, it's really handy).

The Too Faced Peach Bloom Lip and Cheek tint balm mixes with the PH of your skin so the colour you get is perfectly made for you. On cheeks it gives that just flushed look and on lips it's a tinted balm which fades evenly until you reapply. Ingredients include marshmallow extract and makuna honey so you would think it would be sticky but it's not.

I bought Peach Glow (see photos) from Look Fantastic for £18.00. Other colours in the range are Grape Pop Glow, Guava Glow and Strawberry Glow. The reviews on the LF site are a bit mixed, people like the product but think the packaging is tiny for the price. Which it is and to be honest I was surprised when I saw the size and remember thinking "this had better be good". It's helpful that you can pop it in your pocket though and when I wore it to the supermarket recently it didn't come off all over my mask. However, price aside, I still really like it and I would buy one of the other colours, probably Strawberry Glow, next time.


Photo 1 - Peach Bloom with lid

Photo 2 - Peach Bloom without lid, showing applicator and colour

Photo 3 - Peach Bloom on me (lips only)

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