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Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder

Did you you know that the Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder is now 68 years old? I think that's really impressive. And it still flies off the shelves in drugstores and supermarkets and anywhere else you can get it.

This was the very first powder I ever used. I know now that I used the wrong shade though, it was called 'Truly Fair' but I think I should have got the very fair shade. I was quite young and I didn't need powder really but I thought I did. After a while I ended up using it as a base for my eye shadow (this was pre-primer times) and I kept it in my handbag for emergencies just like my Nan did. Sometimes the lid would come off and crash into something else in my tightly packed, messy handbag and the powder would crack ... and cover everything in a fine 'Truly Fair' dust. Annoying, but it smelled really nice.

Shopping in Sainsbury's the other day I came across the Max Factor Creme Puff again and I was having a particularly bad day so I bought some, just for the nostalgia. The packaging has changed, it now has a gold lid, not black and it doesn't have a little powder puff included anymore but otherwise it's exactly the same as it always was. I guess most people will use a face brush now anyway, the days of 'patting' powder onto your nose are probably gone I think.

I haven't used powder for years. Actually, let me correct that, I have TRIED to use powder to no avail, I just can't find one that suits. I've tried Clinique, Laura Mercier, Avon, Elf, Almay ... none of them were the right colour or consistency (the Laura Mercier was the closest to what I wanted but even that wasn't quite right) I don't know why I didn't think of just going back to Max Factor but I didn't. This time round I bought the 'Translucent' one as I thought it would be kinder to my now much older skin. You can still get 'Truly Fair' too, which is impressive I thought.

I've been wearing this over a light foundation for a natural look and I did a proper face the other day because I wanted to take some photos for a post and it looked really nice, very finished. I usually like the natural, dewy look but it was nice to feel polished for a change.

This is the link to the Max Factor website which gives you all the details of the colours - there are loads (and the price of course).

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