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Finally up and running

I first had the idea for this website whilst on holiday in Spain in August, because I didn't have anything else to do as we were isolating in the villa and I had time to really think about it. After setting it up and writing pages and pages of 'ideas' in my book I thought I had it sussed. I had all these grand plans about how many posts I was going to write, publish and then put on Facebook so everyone could read them. And then the kids went back to school (not that I'm complaining) and everything stopped while I forced myself to get back into a normal-ish routine. And now it's October half term and I still haven't really written anything.

Still, at least I have my copious amounts of notes to fall back on. I've found it really hard to be honest, getting back to normality such as it is has for some reason blindsided me a bit and I don't know why. You'd think that it would be easy to slip back into making school lunches, getting up early and huffing and puffing about PE kits but it's given me such a headache. I think I am suffering from Covid fatigue like everyone else and a small dread because we are hurtling towards Winter and the dark nights which I am never a fan of anyway but which will be more of a challenge this year for sure.

But I feel quite proud of myself today because I filmed a make up video whilst I was getting ready. I have wanted to show off the Too Faced White Peach palette for ages so it seemed a good time to do it. No matter how tired you are the White Peach palette always manages to come up trumps and make me look half decent. I also wanted to show how to line your upper lid with shadow prior to putting on mascara, I find this really helps outline my eyes and helps my eyelashes look longer too. I'll do a proper review of the palette in a separate post and once I've edited the video (which is a bit too long at the moment) I'll post that too.

Below is a photo of the eye shadow palette, a sneak preview if you like!

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